Are you a Fitness Professional that uses technology?

Give us YOUR input for the 2018 Fitness Tech Survey

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How do YOU use technology in your fitness business?

From apps to wearables, online scheduling to webistes, we want to KNOW.

Every fitness professional that takes the survey will receive these THANK YOU gifts:

  • A copy of the survey once published (Value: $250)
  • A chance to win a piece of fitness technology (Value: $150)
  • A chance to win a fitness technology "Borrow My Brain" session (Value $1,250)


There is a common misperception that fitness professionals are against the use of technology.


Many fitness professionals see a business need to use technology as a tool to manage their clients and business.


The last industry survey on fitness professionals and technology was in 2015. It is time for an update.

The 2018 Fitness Tech Survey is Launching Soon! 


The results of this survey will be published in a peer reviewed Academic Journal